Sweet Potatoes

Organic Sweet Potato Tray

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts


Organic Sweet Potato Tray

4 count

Orange Skin, Orange Flesh

Organic sweet potato tray is packed with 4 organic sweet potatoes in a 100% recyclable and compostable tray. Each sweet potato is loaded with 4 grams of fiber, twice the amount as a normal potato. This makes for a convenient and healthy option when you are looking for a consistently sized sweet potato. 


  • Compostable & recyclable tray
  • Organic
  • Non GMO
  • Nutritious Superfood
  • Good source of Vitamin A
  • Triple washed
  • Does not contain additives, preservatives or chemicals.

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Cooking Instructions:

  • Microwave: Poke several times with a fork & microwave for 5-7 minutes, until tender.
  • Bake: Poke several times with a fork & bake at 400 F for 40-50 minutes, until tender.
  • Boil: Place whole sweet potatoes in boiling water and cook for 35-45 minutes, until tender.
  • Grill: Cut lengthwise ¼ inch strips, place on grill and turn once until tender.